ImprovedTube is a Chrome extension that modifies YouTube to give users more control over all aspects of the site. With ImprovedTube, you can automate if annotations are hidden by default, if playlists auto play, what video quality is used by default and many other options. We created our extension carefully to make sure all existing YouTube features function properly and without issue. We also care about the user experience and made our options really easy to change and understand. But that isn't all, ImprovedTube also cares about your privacy and only requires access to YouTube's website and our own website.

A few things you can do with our extension are, disable annotations, disable autoplay, hide comments, hide or expand the video description, change the video size to fit the screen or a specific resolution, auto set the volume of videos, disable playlists from playing the next video and much much more. Instead of reading about all of the options, you should install the extension and see for yourself what ImprovedTube can do for you. Many of our users love ImprovedTube so much they can not use YouTube without it.

So what are you waiting for? ImprovedTube is free to download and use with our most popular features. With over 200,000 active users and nearly a perfect star rating, you have nothing to lose.